Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete – The floor choice of “today” and the “future”!

Polished Concrete enhances the beauty of a concrete floor by improving the appearance of it through different stages and processes by way of concrete grinding and concrete polishing.
Polished concrete has become a popular choice in Commercial, Industrial and Residential environments due to the several advantages this type of flooring has such as:
  • superior floor strength 
  • modern and sophisticated appearance 
  • easy to clean and low maintain
  • durable and stain resistant
  • LEED compliant and environmentally friendly
  • Reflective and energy efficient
  • Affordable and longer lasting than other flooring choices
  • suitable for Commercial, Industrial and Residential environments
  • a superior alternative to other flooring choices 
At Concrete Inspirations we are industry leaders in Concrete Polishing and Concrete Coatings. Our experience is unmatched, and we have the expertise to complete jobs efficiently and effectively. With the most up to date techniques and procedures coupled with the latest equipment, tools and products, you can trust your floor will stand up to the test of time, making this a long lasting and high performance floor for any environment. Protect your Concrete, Protect your Investment.
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