About Us

Trusted since 2006, and conveniently located in Calgary Alberta, we are Western Canada’s leaders in providing epoxy and concrete flooring and coating applications. Proudly Serving Alberta, British Columbia, and the Prairies, we have applied more than 1 million square feet of flooring applications.

Concrete Inspirations will work closely with homeowners, contractors, and designers to determine the right flooring and coating application for your project. From unique, one of a kind, custom floor designs to high performance commercial or industrial coatings, we have the custom flooring applications to meet your project needs, budget, and timeline.

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Concrete Inspirations is Calgary’s Top Choice for your concrete coatings (such as epoxy) and concrete restoration. Our diverse portfolio, skill set and experience makes us the industry leader for epoxy and all concrete coatings. Our depth of knowledge within the industry coupled with working in the most difficult scenarios has allowed us and empowered us to learn more and grow. When Concrete Inspirations was first founded in 2006, we primarily installed residential epoxy flooring systems but over the past 10 years, we have grown and can service Commercial and Industrial clients with all of their flooring needs. There is a skill and a science that is required for the proper application of epoxy floors and polished Concrete to ensure they last. At Concrete Inspirations you can be assured that all of our applications are tried, tested and true to the manufactured guidelines.

We pride ourselves not only on our vast flooring application knowledge, but also on providing exceptional service. We are a business that heavily values consumer satisfaction, superior quality, and can offer you infinite solutions to when it comes to your epoxy flooring requirements. 

Concrete Inspirations. Flooring & coating solutions INSPIRED and designed with you in mind!