Polyaspartic Flooring

What is Polyaspartic Flooring?

Polyaspartic concrete coatings is a fairly a new technology, first introduced in early 1990s and now is becoming a desired coating for concrete floors in commercial, industrial environments and is the go to floor coating for residential garage flooring. Polyaspartic coatings are an advanced technology that offers superior benefits than that compared to their predecessor like epoxy coatings because of its advanced aliphatic formulations which makes this coating an ultra-high performance coating for the most harshest and demanding environments.

Our Polyaspartic coating offer a superior finish and unparalleled mechanical properties such as exceptional chemical and scratch resistance properties, is designed to handle high traffic and heavy loads, is non-yellowing and UV Stable, has low VOC (volatile organic compound), is easy to clean, easy to maintain all the while achieving a faster return to service due to its fast curing speed. Our polyaspartic flooring, also know as a wonder coating, has a wide range of different cure speeds, as well as different colors and finishes to choose from, and our expertise can help you determine the proper polyaspartic  flooring system for your project.

Where is Polyaspartic Flooring Used?

Polyaspartic floor systems is an ideal flooring option for those who desire a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing concrete surface that is easy to maintain, easy to clean and has superior durability, and require a quicker turn around time and faster return to work application. Polyaspartic coatings have become increasingly popular in office buildings, commercial spaces, retail facilities, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, medical facilities, airline hangers and even for garages and basements in residential homes! With the advancements of this product line in the last 20  years, these coatings can be either a decorative and modern coating or remain a protective coating depending on the need of the environment. With its high resistance to chemicals and solvents, as well as its strength to handle machine and foot traffic, polyasapartic flooring is suitable in toughest, most demanding environments.

  • Retail and Commercial Spaces

  • Restaurants

  • Offices

  • Automotive Service Bays and Showrooms

  • Industrial warehouses and Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

  • Distilleries and Breweries

  • Fitness facilities and fitness boutiques

  • Salons and Wellness Boutiques

  • Schools and Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Cannabis Facilities

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Aerospace and Airline Hangers

  • Animal Veterinarian and Boarding Facilities

  • Basement Floors and Garages

Why choose Polyaspartic Flooring?

Low Maintenance and Easy to CleanPolyaspartic flooring is tough enough to withstand chemical compounds, heat, spills, foot traffic and heavy equipment. This holy grail floor coating is suitable for industrial warehouse floors, garages and automotive bays where safety of their employees and guests are top of mind. Our polyaspartic coatings, in most cases, are simply easy to clean by using a mop with water and the proper cleaning solution.

Fast Curing Flooring and Quicker Return to Work: Polyaspartic Flooring comes in different viscosities which can increase the curing times which allow for a quicker install and a faster return to work. One day floor coatings are achievable with our polyaspartic floor systems and ideal in environments where a durable floor is needed, with a quicker return to work.

High Heat Tolerance and Chemical Resistance:  Polyaspartic have superior Heat tolerance, chemical and abrasion tolerance making this floor suitable for the highest demanding environments such as industrial warehouse floors, airlines hangers, commercial floors and even garage floors. Polyaspartic coatings are not affected by the heat, (hot tire pick up), grease, oil and other chemical contaminants.

Low Odor and VOC exempt: Volatile organic compounds produce harmful gases that affect the ozone layer and are corrosive to the material surrounding them. Polyaspartic coating is a low-to-zero volatile organic compound, so it is not harmful to our environment.

Versatility –There are unlimited options available for your polyaspartic flooring. From solid polyaspartic to flake or quartz polyaspartic, we have unlimited colors, designs to meet the needs of any project.

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