What is Concrete Sealing?

Concrete Sealing is a protective barrier that is important to the longevity of any concrete surface. Concrete sealing helps protect against surface damage, corrosion, deterioration, weather elements and chemical staining. The impermeable layer that is created when applying a concrete sealer helps prevent such material from passing through, which in turn helps protect it. Concrete is a porous material and in order to help protect the concrete from absorbing foreign material a concrete floor or concrete surface must be properly sealed in order to best protect it.

What are the benefits of Concrete Sealing?

Hygienic Concrete Floors and Surfaces – Unsealed concrete floors creates spaces for moisture and bacteria to collect, and therefore increases the risk of mold growth in tiny cracks and crevices. Sealing your concrete floor will help to keep moisture out, inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria thus making it safer and easier to clean.

Improved Concrete Durability – No matter what environment your concrete floors are exposed to, you can enhance your floor’s durability by having it properly sealed. This will help to prevent cracks, chips, stains, and scratches from forming on the surface of the concrete. If the floor is in an area that is frequently exposed to dust, debris, or wetness, having it sealed will make the floor easier to clean and maintain, regardless of the environment.

Extend the Lifespan of your Concrete – Since concrete floors are most commonly found in areas such as basements, warehouses, and garages, they are often exposed to some harsher conditions. They may be exposed to harmful UV light, extreme weather conditions, or even caustic chemicals that put your floors at risk of irreversible damage. Having your concrete floor properly sealed on an annual basis will protect it against foot traffic, machinery, and other sources of wear-and-tear, extending the lifespan of your floor, and ensuring that it stays looking brand new for decades to come.

Maintain the Appearance of your Concrete- While concrete floors are beautiful and can be customized to suit your personal style, when the concrete is exposed to harsh conditions, it can quickly show signs of deterioration. Adding a seal to your concrete floor will help maintain its appearance, keeping it clean and new for much longer than its unsealed counterparts.

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