Metallic Epoxy

Our Metal Metallic Fusion Epoxy System is a high build, 100% solid epoxy system that is meticulously combined with metallic pigments which produces a smooth, elegant and unique liquid marble effect.

This popular application is strong and durable enough for any residential or commercial environment and will amaze everyone that enters your home or business. 

Flake Applications

Our epoxy vinyl chip application is strong, long lasting, seamless and low maintenance. With superior qualities such as outstanding resistance to chemicals, oil spills, high scratch resistant properties and strong enough for vehicular traffic, this application is ideal for garages, warehouses, showrooms, commercial spaces and more.

With a selection of colors that are limitless and with the help from our skilled color specialist, we can personalize the color to suit your needs. 

Solid Epoxy

Our epoxy coatings are a 2 part system, 100% solid that are intended for medium to high foot traffic. This high build and affordable system provides a seamless surface that has outstanding abrasion, impact and chemical resistance which makes this a favourite application among commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Our high strength Solid Epoxy comes in an array of colors from clear to standard colors. Custom colors can also be requested to meet your needs.

Acid/Waterbased Staining

If you are looking to add color to your dull concrete our acid staining techniques are sure to please.
This application completely transforms the look of the concrete by carefully adding stain to the substrate which ultimately gets penetrated by the minerals within the concrete.
This produces an incredible variegated, unique and mottled look

Polished Concrete

Gone are the days of dull and boring concrete.
Through the special process of diamond grinding and we can achieve a smooth and shiny concrete surface which is known as polished concrete.
These floors are becoming increasing popular in retail, commercial and industrial spaces due to easy maintenance, easy to clean and being cost effective.

Logos & Engraving

We offer a variety of different custom designs from engraving, to stenciling and installation of floor decals that can incorporate artwork, photographs logos and more.

If you are looking to add some character to your floor these options are a great way of doing so.

Concrete Overlay

Overlays are thin concrete coating that can be used to repair or restore and concrete surface in interior and exterior environments.
This application is mechanically bonded to the current substrate creating a smooth and durable surface that can be colored, stained or coated with other resins.
This application is perfect for environments where concrete is uneven or is pitting/spalling.

Driveway and Concrete Sealing

Sealing enhances the appearance and the quality of your concrete and gives it a wet appearance.
This application is very popular for basements and particularly for driveways/garages as it repels oils, grease, and salts that tend to destroy the concrete.

Concrete Repairs and Restoration

Depending on the state of your concrete there are several different techniques and applications available to restore your concrete from a damaged appearance to a newly poured concrete appearance.
We have an array of options available depending on the need. Good news is you don’t need to worry about pouring brand new concrete.
There are much more cost effective solutions available.